The pixelated adventures of Batman


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BatMan is a remake of the game that was released for ZX Spectrum many years ago. This time around, both the visuals and the playable elements have received a noticeable facelift.

In the game, you'll have to go through several levels with an isometric view, trying to solve a series of puzzles which will lead you to find the seven missing parts of the BatCraft, that great crime-fighting machine.

To find all the pieces, you'll have to help Batman pass all the levels in the Batcave, the mansion, and some other surprise location. All of them will, of course, be full of dangers and all sorts of different enemies who won't make it easy for you.

In regards to its graphics, BatMan is still far from being a wonder, but the pixelated style is actually quite charming; in any case, it’s still way better than the graphics it boasted in its original release.

BatMan was one of the most fun puzzle and platform games in the ZX Spectrum era, and in spite of the many years that have gone by, it’s still a great game, made even better with its latest facelift.
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